Ride El Hefe Bindings – 2014

MSRP: $349.95

Getting called Chief is only marginally better than being called Guy. Both imply a nauseating level of condescension, and given the choice most would rather be spit upon. However, if someone calls you Boss, you know you are doing something right. Having said that, the El Hefe, which translates to “The Boss” in Spanish, runs the scene. Featuring the NEW Carbon Slimeback, the bouncy feel and impulsive response is unlike any highback around. Paired with the high performance and lightweight Aluminum Infinity Chassis with adjustable heel cup, not only do you get a very lightweight binding,
but one that is designed to perform each day of the season regardless your choice of terrain. Our favorite feature is the natural feel provided by the Wedgie foot beds, a system that allows for a slight cant for more even power distribution.

Pretty Much
Tells the board how to behave, experienced snowboarders.

Not So Much
Entry level employees, under 10 mph.

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