RIDE Fuse Snowboard Boot – 2018

MSRP: $349.95

An ode to the forefathers of snowboarding, the Ride Fuse keeps traditional lacing alive with upgraded features that nod to the past, while charging into the future.

Having the flexibility to customize your gear is key for riding. RIDE provides you with a stiffer overall frame, yet the traditional lacing system gives you the freedom to loosen up for a playful and more relaxed feel. Off the bat, this is a damn good looking boot. You maintain the classic look of a laced boot with subtle yet impactful technology to back up the performance of your riding.

There are a few things that RIDE did to pluck the Fuse out of the past and into the future. They started off by partnering with Michelin. Yeah, we said it, Michelin, the tire company. Pulling from materials used in their mud and ice specific tires, you’re sure to have traction in the harshest conditions.

Moving inwards, external J Bars in the RIDE Fuse’s liner contours cored ankle pockets to provide the same satisfaction of cocking a shotgun — slide your foot in and stomp past the ankle hold to lock your heal in place. Heal hold counts when you want to make a quick toeside decision. Press through the pad of your foot with your ankles held firmly in place, and they’ll ensure you get the most energy out of your set up.

With a solid ankle hold, you’ll be putting that extra energy from a planted foot into the tongue of your boot. RIDE figured this out and injected urethane into the area for extra durability. The tongue then serves the purpose of redistributing that energy throughout the rest of your boot. The redistribution is a result of the Tongue Tied Boa System bringing everything together for a sleek and super responsive boot and the perfect match for comfort and performance.

The RIDE Fuse is a team favorite and we can tell why. It’s a timeless boot with modern technologies and gives you the freedom to choose between stiff or playful.

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