RIDE Kink Snowboard – 2018

MSRP: $449.95

Meet the RIDE Kink: A core park snowboard that can take the beating of the streets and come crawling back for more.

The RIDE Kink has a twin shape with a centered stance from tip to tail and a hybrid profile dominated by camber with a little rocker on each end. Point it into jumps knowing the edge you set will be there from the drop in through takeoff and lock into rails for a smooth ride from a timeless and legendary park board.

Tip to tail, the RIDE Kink is more durable than anything out there. Every element is designed to give you a tough board you can beat in the streets and take right to your local mountain. Setting the standard for toughness, RIDE’s signature Slimewalls, reinforced Impact Plates, and Cleave Steel Edges guarantee your board will be the excuse for always wanting to take one more run.

Slimewall’s are nothing new for RIDE. They pioneered the use of urethane, the same material used to make skate wheels, as a replacement for stiff and rigid sidewalls. This reduces chatter, creating a smooth ride on snow, metal, wood and every surface in between.

Dreaming of that huge drop onto a rail but don’t know if your board will last? RIDE has your back. The Impact Plates beneath your bindings reinforce the strength of the board where you need it most. These boards can take any impact you throw at it.

Maybe one of the most impressive features of the RIDE Kink are the Cleave Steel Edges, which increase the amount of steel-use by 50% — more riding for you and no edge cracks throughout the season. This extra steel also opens the option to detune to a preferred angle. Don’t be timid, run a file along those edges to get a nice bevel that shuttles you through kinks and log jibs.

A lightweight Aspen core reinforced with Bamboo is one of the final touches on the Kink and packaged together to create an ultra-durable deck made to be beat in the streets. Whether it’s your first season hitting rails or you have your spots mapped out for this winter, this is the freestyle board for any rider ready who’s ready to jib.

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