RIDE Rodeo Snowboard Bindings

RIDE Rodeo Snowboard Binding – 2018

MSRP: $243.95

The RIDE Rodeo Bindings are a staple in RIDE’s line up as the binding of choice for their team of pow slashers and rail wizards. If you’re due for an upgrade, the search stops here.

At the intersection of adjustability, comfort and patented technology, RIDE brings you the perfect binding for any park-oriented, all-mountain rider. As a softer flexing binding, you’ll feel right at home as if you’ve been riding them for years. A clean, simple design speaks to the seamless tech that forms this binding to your boot.

RIDE has been setting themselves apart for years with their Aluminum Infinity Chassis. This design reduces the footprint of your binding on the board. A smaller footprint allows the true flex of your board to shine through.

The aluminum chassis is made of two adjustable sections. First, the heel cup can retract outwards, giving you a better fitting footbed for your boot. The second half is the baseplate. With its construction, large arms connect power directly from your highback to the toe of your binding. This makes for a strong heal side hold and an unmatched level of finesse for your toeside edge.

The Rodeos have the exhilaration of gripping a toe side carve knowing you have the control of a knife on a cutting board. It’s also the comfort in knowing you can lay into your heel edge on a moment’s notice.

One thing you will notice is the shorter, flat highback. A shorter highback takes no time to get used to. You’ll notice a looser, surf-like feel to tweak out grabs and really lay into presses.

The Rodeos are equal opportunity rippers. Due to their adjustability, they don’t identify as gender specific. After all, it’s almost 2018. The industry standard toecap has a stiffer outer rim complemented by a softer internal mesh, forming to the toe of any boot. With adjustable footbeds and a lifetime warranty on the baseplates, you’re ready for the rodeo. So strap in and choose your own line.

The RIDE Rodeo bindings are made for intermediate to advanced riders looking for a binding that has the subtle technology to back up a rock-solid build.

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