Rome Buckshot Snowboard

Rome Buckshot Snowboard – 2018

MSRP: $479.99

The the only way we can do the Rome Buckshot justice, is if you do yourself a favor and check out Ozzy Henning’s full part from Reckless Abandon.

As a true twin camber snowboard, the Rome Buckshot is your key to the city. Conquer the streets and log hours of park laps with your crew on a board that can handle it all.

Reinforced features mean this board can take a beating before it gives in. The classic cambered shape provides support to rail turns from the ice coast to slushy parks in SoCal. A stiffer profile translates to a ton of pop to launch knuckles and stability to point it after you stomp your landing.

The Buckshot is the Ozzy Henning’s innovation. Resurrecting the time-tested performance of a cambered snowboard, the Buckshot is designed to take you from a carnage-ridden Rail Garden in SLC to some of the world’s top parks in the Wasatch.

Rome‘s Rebound Sidewalls are engineered for rail specific durability. These sidewalls are a staple in some of Rome’s top performing park boards, like the Artifact. With more give than a standard sidewall, you can disaster any rail knowing you won’t get bounced off with the ABS absorbing your impact. Reducing the shockwave through your board is a big factor in the longevity of both the deck and your season.

Adding to the durability of an already bulletproof board, Rome inserted Basalt Impact Plates beneath your feet. These plates are there to protect the core of your board when you take a little too much heat into a jump, ending up on the backside of the tranny.

The mid-stiff flex of the Buckshot gives you the confidence to lock into rails. But this isn’t the board you press by lifting one foot — a fully committed lean does the trick, giving you a familiar zone to lock in your press with power.

The Rome Buckshot has a single barrel of bamboo through the center of the board and will give you a consistent and snappy feel. This keeps the board flexing in line from tip to tail, reducing energy lost to torsional flex. You’ll notice, when you’re locked into a turn and want to snap out or when you’re on the in-run of a jump, just how easy it is to find that perfect edge hold for a smooth takeoff.

The Buckshot from Rome is the perfect true camber park board. If you’re one of those riders who’s fallen by the wayside of hybrid or reverse camber, make this your first step back towards the dark side for a seamless transition into the future.

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