Rome Garage Rocker Snowboard

MSRP: $300.00


  • QuickRip Sidecut Technology: Unique sidecut geometry that lets the board ride loose and playful at slow speeds, and powerful and precise at higher speeds
  • Glass Reverse V Stringer Technology: Glass stringers connect the binding region to the centerline of the nose and tail for more freestyle pop, without any freeride torque
  • FreePop Rocker Camber: The combination of a flat mid section and rocker in the nose and tail deliver ollie pop, butter-ability, balance on rails, and a touch of carve-ability
  • TTT Core Matrix: That distinctive “pop” of wood from tip to tail feels dynamic under foot
  • StraightBiax Laminate: The glass configuration that steers our freestyle boards: torsionally forgiving to keep the feel super playful
  • XTRD Base: Durable, easy-to-repair, and fast enough to hit your personal speed threshold


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