Salomon HiFi Snowboard Boot – 2017

MSRP: $429.95

Finding a boot with good flex, while maintaining proper support can be difficult. You want it to be soft when pressing a rail, but need the structure and support for big lines and jumps. The Salomon HiFi snowboard boot, designed specifically for the needs of Bode Merrill, is just the boot. The springback spine is made from a molded piece of TPU, designed to provide precise and continuous flex all season long. Shadowflex Sensifit tech wraps the foot from the midsole to laces for a precise snug fit and improved board feel and control.

The Zonelock lacing system is our favorite part of the boot, allowing for quick and easy lacing and the ability to vary tightness across different areas of the boot. The perfect fit, every time. Lastly, a reduced profile design means not only a lighter boot overall, but decreased bulk and pressure points. You’re going to need comfortable feet if you want to step it up like the boss man himself, and look no further than the Salomon HiFi snowboard boot.

Photography by Dave Lehl, shot on location at the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art

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  • Salomon $429.95

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