salomon quantum snowboard bindings

Salomon Quantum Snowboard Binding – 2018

MSRP: $349.95

When you put the final torque on the Salomon Quantum Bindings, you can drop in and put your instincts to the tests without worrying about the dogs barking.

Whether you’re gliding into a perfect pipe, or just put your ice axe away ready to charge, the Salomon Quantum is the top of the line binding for lightning fast reactivity and control. Salomon knows, these are made for those moments when you don’t think about gear and let your soul ride.

Response, comfort, and control are what drive these high-performance bindings. Stiff high backs seamlessly transition into a soft mesh heal strap, complemented by an ultra-lightweight and durable toe cap. Effortlessly make those quick snappy turns in the trees or glide with precision to choose your own line.

The defining feature of the Quantum binding comes down to its super flexible ShadowFit baseplate and Kevlar Quickwire that runs through the heel cup and into the footbed. Salomon gives you a flexible but ridged exoskeleton that molds to your boot. Expect fewer pressure points, and tweak the hell out of any grab as the binding flexes with you. This flexibility is reinforced with a full carbon fiber high back, adding rigidity and support.

Together they create the perfect balance of comfort and response so you can ride longer and charge harder. When your instincts take over, you don’t have time to account for lag in a binding. The Salomon Quantum puts you in tune with your board to react when that hidden rock or low hanging tree comes out of nowhere.

As if the perfect balance of flex and response weren’t enough, new for 2017-2018, Salomon threw on a Shadow Strap, reinforced mesh that molds to the front of your boot. You can count on even and consistent pressure for a firm hold. Don’t sacrifice comfort while leaning deep into that mountain carve, then pull out and rip into another, because that’s exactly what the Quantums made for.

For an advanced rider looking to put their imagination into gear, the Salomon Quantum Bindings will prove your gear can do the rest.

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