Salomon Villain Snowboard – 2017

MSRP: $469.95

“The Villain is my copilot. I take it everywhere and ride it everyday, in all sorts of terrain and conditions. I like how flexible it is; yet it is still very responsive. It allows me to snap airs everywhere and slide about anything, but still navigate hard turns, slalom through trees, and land in deep powder. It’s super light and combined with a pair of ShadowFit bindings you’ve got the best setup ever. Salomon keeps updating it every year, detail after detail.”Louif Paradis

Throughout literature, villains have a reputation for cunning, charismatic personalities that you can’t help but like. This one, you’ll love.

Over the years, The Villain from Salomon has fought its way to the upper echelon of the most feared and respected decks in all of snowboarding. That is partly due to it being the ride of choice for the calculated mind of Louif Paradis, who is arguably one of the most talented pros of any generation.

With any respectable villain, there are certain characteristics that capture the imagination of the audience. Outwardly, longtime Salomon artist Dave Banks reiterates the iconic Villain character with the always approachable themes of money and pizza in a black and white, matte topsheet. It’s the kind of graphic where it’s almost a crime to add stickers to it.

Step on The Villain and you will figure out that we chose it for more than good looks. Its hybrid camber profile—flat between your feet, camber underfoot, rocker to the contact points—blends the pop of camber with the ease of rocker for the best of both worlds. The strength of carbon stringers in the tip and tail give that extra pop in the rocker portions of the board, which provide the boost to lock into that solid nosepress. It’s even available in a wide, making it a realistic option for owners with plus-sized feet to get up to no good.

The Villain from Salomon is for the rider who will stop at nothing until they have global freestyle domination.

MSRP: $469.95
Category: Park
Shape: True twin
Camber profile: Rock Out Camber – Flat between bindings, camber underfoot, rocker on tip and tail
Stance: Centered
Sizes: 147cm, 150cm, 153cm, 155cm, 158cm, 155W, 158W

Photography by Dave Lehl, shot on location at the Denver Art Museum

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  • Salomon $469.95

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