Smokin Minor In Possession (MIP) Snowboard

MSRP: $499.99

The Snowboard Mag Platinum Pick winning M.I.P. is back again and out for blood. the M.I.P. is exclusively available with Anti Rocker. The blunt tipped, camber free M.I.P. is the perfect tool for getting creative and taking your skills to the next level. Its flat camber makes it versatile and predictable in all conditions, while the blunt tips give you extra effective edge for added stability. This year’s graphic take us back to a simpler time, when wrestling was real, cowboys were our heroes, and briefcase airs  won big air contests. Here’s to the good old days.


Shredding at 3 a.m. so you don’t get busted |Tailblock slides | Pretzel outs | Bloody draculas| Tail tapping slow signs | Impromptu pow slashes | Tranny finders | early season hips| Spring parks | miller flips |sticking it to the man | Glory days


  • Anti Rocker (ATX)
  • True Twin
  • Park Flex
  • R3 Environmentally conscious
  • Skate Kick
  • OneBallJay Factory Wax

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