Switchback Eiki Helgason Pro Model Snowboard Binding – 2017

MSRP: $259.95

Eiki Helgason is known for his loose riding style and innovative approach to all elements of snowboarding, so it comes as no surprise that his pro model Switchback binding mirrors these same qualities. The most iconic element to Switchback bindings is the lack of screws or hardware, making adjustments completely tool free. The snap in design allows for riders to switch between highbacks, or to go completely highback-less depending on conditions and terrain. Snap them out for a surf-like feel in deep pow and a skate like approach to rails, or throw in a stiff back for some aggressive euro carving.

Eiki’s model comes loaded with the freestyle focused Flatback, which feature a large hole in the center for reduced weight, and increased torsional flex. Lightweight is the name of the game, and the Miller straps hold up to the standard. All of the function and none of the bulk. From street rails to the big jump line, park riders, the Switchback Eiki Helgason pro is your perfect binding. While there is no telling what crazy stunt Eiki will come up with next, when riding these bindings you might just start to experience the same freedom on board as the Icelandic wizard himself.


Photography by Dave Lehl, shot on location at the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art

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  • Switchback $259.95

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