Union Expedition FC

Union Expedition FC Splitboard Bindings – 2018

MSRP: $499.95

The Union Expedition FC Splitboard Bindings embody Union’s commitment to engineering with precision and durability, while employing a less-is-more mentality.

At first glance, you see these are different than any splitboard bindings on the market. With the goal of creating a simple yet versatile binding, what looks like a traditional Union set up, is an all-in-one package with minimal moving part. The Expedition FC is the higher end of the offerings, utilizing forged carbon to make them ultralight and durable. You can expect a seamless response in tight colors as well as a familiar freedom and flow from the straps we know and love.

Waking up before sunrise with a big day on the horizon, the less moving parts the better. With the Expedition series, you remove one pin that locks the bindings in place to transition from riding mode to touring. When blood is pumping with your line in sight, rotate the forward lean adjuster 180 degrees to angle the highback backwards. This will allow for more comfort and longer strides.

Upon your ascent when things get steep, use your pole to toss down the hiking bar beneath your foot. This will angle your foot forwards, giving you lift for a more natural climb. On those extremely icy days Union, sells crampons that lock into the baseplate for a quick and easy install.

For what we consider the most important part, riding your board, the Expedition series rotate onto the existing plates and lock with a pin. This motion will hold your deck together to help your splitboard ride more like a snowboard. The locking pin rotates towards your heal and locks in behind your toe strap for an out-of-the-box, ready-to-explore binding.

Available in two different options, the Union Expedition FC and the Expedition, Union has your ticket to ride for easy access into the backcountry. A reliable build with familiar components have earned our stamp of approval as Union continues to push efficient performance.

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