Union Falcor Snowboard Bindings

Union Falcor Snowboard Binding – 2018

MSRP: $329.95

If we know one thing about Travis Rice, it’s that he puts 100% into everything he does. That includes helping develop the new Union Falcor Snowboard Bindings, creating his latest film Depth Perception, and being an all-around good guy and innovator.

But before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s get into the binding. Travis steers a lof things, his snowboard, his sled, but he wouldn’t steer you wrong.

An ultralight binding made from industry leading materials, The Union Falcor Bindings lay the foundation for a stiff highback complemented by a mid-flexing baseplate. This unlocks a surf-like smoothness with precision and control. Snap and hold sweeping turns with the freedom to tweak the hell out of your grab at liftoff. Coming from a seasoned boarder who is a household name, has countless films, and gold medal and first descents, you too can trust the Union Falcor will get it done.

Union switched up the build process to redistribute strength towards the disk plate, resulting in unmatched board feel and durability. It’s that feeling when you flinch your foot, you can see the tip and tail react just how you want, bringing a finesse to your line that no one can repeat. The highback has a unique combination of vertical stiffness with horizontal flex. Picture perfect flex as you roll into turns for smooth edge-to-edge transition. Then lay on the breaks with power translating directly through your heal cup, enabling quick turns or slight adjustments in any snow.

Whether snow’s stacking on your board in the Tetons or you’re slush slashing through the summer on Mt. Hood, the Union Falcor’s lightweight design keeps your legs alive and heart pounding. For an intermediate to advanced rider looking to fine tune their riding, the Falcor Binding from Union is here to answer your call.

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