United Shapes Covert Splitboard

United Shapes Covert Splitboard – 2018

MSRP: $799.00

Waking up early, you hop into a cold car and find yourself in an empty parking lot. After double-checking that you have all your gear, you pull out your ticket to ride, the United Shapes Covert Splitboard.

For those looking to escape the resort crowds or set sights on a new horizon, the Covert Split is your daily driver into the backcountry. You can expect a supportive feel from the mild camber throughout while the directional shape is complemented with some tapering nose to tail. Dominate everything from low angle tree riding to steep and aggressive lines miles from civilization.

This board has a focus on durability, making for a long-lasting setup to keep you safe out of bounds and riding well into the spring. Overall this board is straightforward, a cambered set up with tapering built for a trying journey to the top. Cambered boards have lasted the test of time, so bringing this profile to a splitboard gives suspension for climbing while flex in the shape releases a strong hold centered on the weight beneath your foot. With roots in the Lake Tahoe backcountry, the camber is built with High Sierra Couloirs in mind.

Taking notes from last winter in Tahoe, the slight tapering fuses the board with the elements, allowing you to link turns so smooth, you’ll get the most out of each one as a reward for your perseverance uphill.

Ditching chairlifts you never know what you’ll encounter. United Shapes keeps you prepared with fully wrapped steel edge and aluminum tip protectors. Every time you hear the snarling of a rock grabbing the front of your split, rest assured it won’t come between you and the summit.

The United Shapes Covert is for any rider seeking a deeper connection with the mountain as a reliable and durable backcountry lift ticket to the unknown.

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