Vans Verse Snowboard Boots

Vans Verse Snowboard Boot – 2018

MSRP: $389.95

With a long-standing commitment to BOA, Vans brings you a brand new customizable boot with backcountry adaptations, the Vans Verse.

It’s hard to generalize the flexibility of the Vans Verse snowboarding boots when they offer so much customization among its synthetic leather and textile upper construction. The Verse can range from a medium to stiff flex based on how you set them up. With the BOA lacing system, you can tighten your lower and upper section separately to a perfect snug at any point in the day. Tighten them up before dropping into your last pipe run, and then loosen them afterward for some breathability as you enjoy a little après-snowboard.

Remove stiffeners from the tongue of the Vans Verse to loosen up the feel, unleashing a more playful and free connection to your board. Take to the park and tweak out those grabs or lay back under a slow sign with the custom softness. If you choose to leave them in, the reinforced tongue will bring a sharper more responsive feel to your riding. This will make leaning into those euro turns a breeze, reinforcing every maneuv with stability and support.

This same adjustment can be made in the heel cup of your boot, there are pads that can be removed to loosen up the liner if you want to customize the fit around your ankle. Top it off with Van’s top-of-the-line Waffle Outsole and waterproof shroud, and you’ll be completely ready for hiking and completely dry in any element.

All in all, the Vans Verse snowboarding boots are for the rider looking for a premium, custom-fitting boot with seamless BOA integration. They bring the tech, style, and stability so you can give it all you got on all of your snowboarding adventures.

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