Provisions 055: Snowboard Socks to Keep Your Toes Toasty

The one rule with snowboard socks: You can never have too many.

It’s important to keep your feet comfortable for a full day of riding. If they’re too cold, you risk having to head into the lodge early for thawing. But if they’re too warm, they get so sweaty that they slide around in your boots and leave your toes rubbing against each other. Below are some different socks for different situations that you’ll most likely find yourself in this season. And don’t forget the one rule with snowboard socks: You can never have too many.

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Stinky Blue Eye Socks


The Stinky Blue Eye Socks will be your new go-to socks. Bottom line, nothing beats a nice pair of lifestyle socks that perform both off and on the hill. Inspired by Bulgarian folklore, these Stinky socks have extra stretch so they’ll move with your foot-to-boot movements. And with these kinds of movements come a lot of friction. Luckily, the zone padding prevents holes while the AEGIS® antibacterial protection ensures feet don’t smell (too bad anyway).

Buy now: $11.95

Burton Party Snowboard Socks


Danny Davis rocks the Burton Party Snowboard Socks. And for good reason. They feature Chafe-Free Link Toe Seams so that they don’t bunch up inside of your boots (we all know how annoying that can be) as well as all-over elastic so they stretch easily while providing ankle, arch, and calf support. And since they’re midweight, they can be relied on for all mid-season conditions. Party on.

Buy now: $29.99

Le Bent Le Sock Snow Ultra Light


Le Bent snowboard socks are le awesome snowboard socks. The Snow Ultra Light Sock in particular is a good option for those who get warm feet quickly or for pre/late season days. The memory stretch molds to feet better each time you’re wearing them, while the instep support makes for a secure and snug fit. Meanwhile, the yarn constructed is made of rayon from bamboo, merino wool, nylon, and elastane for all day softness whether you’re taking hot laps in the park or long hikes into untapped backcountry.

Buy now: $25

Stance Stoney Ridge


If Sage Kotsenburg, Chris Grenier, Louif Paradis, and Silje Norendal rock stance socks, you know they’re ready for whatever adventures you decide to explore in them. For trips to the backcountry, opt for the Stance Stoney Ridge snowboard socks. Thanks for their merino wool construction, Toe Box Oven™, and graduated compression, feet will stay comfortable and warm as they boost into natural booters, lay deep into some carves, and pump your need for speed.

Buy now: $38

Smartwool Vans Snowboard Socks


We are totally digging the Smartwool and Vans collaboration. You get the classic Vans styling and Smartwool’s high-performance technology features at the same time. These checkered PhD socks have Smartwool’s 4 Degree elite fit which utilizes two different elastics for better stretch, Indestructawool™ technology so they’ll last season after season, and a medium cushion for all-season wear. Sounds like a smart choice to us.

Buy now: $25.95

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