On the mend with Johnnie Paxson

Johnnie Paxson crushing Windells | Photo: Darcy Bacha

Coming off an early season knee injury, Johnnie Paxson is looking to come back with a vengeance. He’s got a new pro model with Slash by Gigi and is working on his second as you read this. He’s also got a new pro model JammyPack – you know, fanny packs with speakers – and has a few accessories coming out from Dakine and 7-9-13 that you might want to get your hands on.

Here’s what he had to say as he looks forward to the new season. One we all hope is filled with copious amounts of snow.

What does Johnnie Paxson do during the off-season?

Well, this time around I'm rehabbing my knee. I dislocated it last season so I'm on the grind making sure it’s gonna be as strong as possible coming into next season. I also bought a house that I am remodeling; so those things right there keep me pretty busy these days. If I’m not injured in the off-season I like to skate bowls and go to the beach and do some surfing, there’s usually some snowboarding peppered in there somewhere. Just travel, have fun and live life with family and friends.

It was a tough snow year for the majority of the U.S., except for you lucky bastards in the PNW. Did you find yourself riding around your hometown or did you travel a bunch?

I traveled a little bit. Went to Japan and then pretty much stuck around the northwest until I blew the knee in Northern Washington.

How did that affect filming for this year’s coming shred flicks?

I didn't film a whole lot because I got taken out pretty early in the season, but Nike has all my footage and will be using it to make some pretty cool edits that will be released online this fall.

You’ve filmed with the FODT crew and Absinthe over the past years. Who did you film with this past season?

I pretty much just filmed with Nike, which was pretty awesome. I was gonna work with Absinthe as well but due to the knee injury I wasn't able too.

Johnnie Paxson in "Familia 2"

This past season Gigi Rüf launched Slash by Gigi, your new board sponsor. How’s it going so far?

It’s going real good and I’m stoked to be involved with Gigi's vision and to be working and shredding with him. Being able to ride snowboards that we can design ourselves is pretty cool. Right now I am working on my second pro model, which I'm pretty hyped about.

You snagged a pro model right off the bat. What sort of influence have you had in the design of the board and what can we expect performance wise?

I was able to work with Gigi and make what I think is a perfect all around board for what I like to do. The board has a lot of pop but is basically flat, which is new for me and I am starting to really like it. It allows you to ride a smaller board because the contact points are basically the whole edge. So you can downsize when riding street but feel like your riding a bigger board than you are. It also has tip protectors, which is sick. It reminds me of the old school skate decks and is good for bonking and what not. 

Transworld Business recently interviewed Gigi about Slash. In that interview Kelly Hargrove asks Gigi what he is most proud of. His answer, “Having Johnnie Paxson on the team.” How does that make you feel? 

Gigi has always been one of, if not my favorite rider growing up. So to see that really made me happy. It’s pretty cool to be working together with that guy as he is a really good person and has such a cool perspective on snowboarding and life.

Johnnie Paxson – urban destroyer | Photo: Darcy Bacha

You also ride for anon, Nike Snowboarding, Dakine, VitaminWater, Jammy Pack and 7-9-13. What sort of new stuff are you stoked on coming from those companies that we should be on the lookout for this year?

Well anon just dropped their new website so you gotta check that out. We have rider journals on there so kids and whoever can track what goggle we've been rocking and where we've been shredding. It’s pretty cool, there’s also the new M1 that has the magnetic lens to frame interface which is amazing for changing lenses quicker than ever.

Nike's got the new ITES boot which has interchangeable discs to make the boot whatever stiffness you want, which is pretty all time. Dakine always has the best accessories you could ask for and you will be seeing some new stuff from them as well.

Vitamin Water's got a new coconut flavor that is pretty on point. I think its called coco-refresh. I also got a pro model JammyPack comin’ out. If you don't know what that is, it’s a fanny pack with speakers, so get in the know.

7-9-13 has a bunch of new pro model belts coming out including my own which is gonna be the coolest lace belt you've ever seen and that’s about it I think.

What are you plans for this coming season? You going to compete any comps or just hit the streets and film?

My main focus is going to be the Nike movie, but in the beginning of the season it’s all about getting back on my feet. I just want to spend some time lapping Meadows, Timberline and Ski Bowl and make sure everything is good before I start sending it and filming.

Do you have any interest in trying out for the Olympic team? Everyone loves gold! 

I think I might do handball in the Summer Olympics, either that or air riffle.

Last random question… You met Blake from the show Workaholics. How fucking cool is he, really?

Haha, actually I just fanned out and got a picture with him. We talked for a second ‘cause he was heading into a club, but he seemed like a nice guy, haha.


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