Five more years of mischief: Travis Rice extends contract with Lib Tech


Are you ready to experience the Climax? Photo: Tim Zimmerman

Official release from Lib Tech:

Travis Rice, snowboarding’s most prodigious big mountain freestyle powerhouse, has signed on for five more years riding Lib Tech the world’s best boards! Travis and Lib Tech continue their decade long partnership of trail blazing board design, environMENTALly nicer zero hazardous waste manufacturing, cutting edge technology, humor and the constant hunt for the unbelievable. Building dream boards for action sport’s biggest dreamer is exactly where Lib Tech founders Pete Saari and Mike Olson want to be. Collaborating to create new disruptive snowboard technologies like Travis’ upcoming carbon fiber “Climax” model is just the sort of ride Lib Tech loves to deliver (with Travis as the world’s best wingman). Drawn together by mutual respect for the environment, American snowboard craftsmen, beautiful works of art and an unflinching ambition for pinnacle snowboard achievement, Travis and Lib Tech are ready for five more years of boundary pushing mischief.


A day in the life T. Rice.

Watch the trailer for Travis’ new movie, The Fourth Phase

Check out the Lib Tech T. Rice Goldmember snowboard, a Snowboard Magazine Platinum Pick

I am so proud to announce that I have signed on for another 5 years with Lib Tech and Mervin Manufacturing. From an early Jamie Lynn that was the first board I spent money on at age 15, to the last 10 years of R&D on my incredible pro-model board line culminating with the upcoming Climax model which I believe to be the best board on the planet made with Non-Toxic, Eco friendly materials, built by snowboarders here in the USA. Mervin is a family that I am overjoyed to be a part of and has been putting snowboarding first since it’s inception over 25 years ago. From the water-boards I surf to the skateboards I roll, this company is based on fun with friends, creative freedom and the expression which makes the world a brighter place. Many companies try to replicate what Mervin is doing but there is only one magical Mervin! Thank you Mike, Pete and everyone else that empowers and supports me, can’t wait to share what is in the works for tomorrow!” ~ Travis Rice

Everything Lib Tech’s been working towards with Travis is about to climax, and it feels so good.” ~ Pete Saari


Handmade in the USA.


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