Provisions 017: Products we are stoked on this week

This week in Provisions we look at a handful of smaller board brands, and a variety of exciting and unique board shapes. With everything from freestyle powder boards from Bataleon, to marijuana industry collaborations with Colorado based company Nightmare Snowboards, we believe there is something for everyone in this collection of new decks. All the same, if you don’t see what you are looking for below, make sure to check out the 2017 Interactive Brand Guides as well as the 2017 Product Collection for the complete collection of products we are excited about this season.

Bataleon Magic Carpet


The Magic Carpet gives new meaning to the twin tip, and brings a fresh twist to the idea of a freestyle snowboard. It’s shorter and wider shape allows for quick turns, yet an extended sidecut combined with woven carbon fiber in the tip and tail allow riders to retain stability at high speeds. The Magic Carpet also features bloated tips and a progressive 3BT Twin Pow shape for increased float when snow gets deep, making this deck a freestyle weapon of choice no matter the conditions.

BUY NOW: $569.95

Launch World Traveler


The Launch World Traveler is the brainchild of Nitro Circus team rider, Brandon Schmidt and is an adaption of Launch’s popular board, The Hitmaker. The World Traveler features Launch Park Camber, a softer and more playful adaption to traditional camber, allowing riders to retain the benefits of traditional camber, while also enjoying some of the benefits of a reverse camber board. However while the World Traveler is plenty soft for presses and butters, Brandon’s special design features a sandwich of hemp, poplar, and paulownia blend between two carbon fiber layers, for extra pop and extended board life.

BUY NOW: $490

Gilson Nirvana


The Nirvana from Gilson is one of the most progressive freestyle female boards on the market. The Nirvana features Gilson’s trademark Soft Edge design, so you can slide rails and butter with confidence knowing that you wont hang up or catch an edge. Not only that, but the 20oz Triaxial Fiberglass Weave provides snap and stability at high speeds, while still retaining the soft even flex from the poplar core. Women looking to improve their park and rail riding this season, look no further than The Nirvana from Gilson.

BUY NOW: $489

The Interior Plain Project, The Harrow


The Harrow is designed to be your playful and poppy park board. However the playful flex of The Harrow is matched with carbon stringers to add pop to the nose and tail on takeoff, and lend extra stability when it comes time to touch back down. At The Interior Plain Project artistry is celebrated, and for this particular board design the IPP celebrates artist Morgan Pease, and his ability to embrace the abstract within the Harrow. See more of his work at

Buy now: $419.99

Nightmare Eye of Mazar NM/HCH Collaboration


Marijuana enthusiasts rejoice, The Eye of Mazar from Nightmare Snowboards brings you their first snowboarding and NM/HCH marijuana collaboration. Featuring regular camber that extends into lifted rocker, the Mazar gives riders the best of both worlds with the stability of camber and the playfulness of rocker. This freestyle focused ride also features a 100% poplar core which provides an even, medium flex throughout the length of the board.

BUY NOW: $379


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