Provisions 018: Products we are stoked on this week

This week in Provisions we continue to dive into the world of 2017 snowboards. With everything from aggressive freestyle boards from Bataleon, to all mountain swallowtails from Moss Snowsticks, we believe there is something for everyone in this collection of new decks. All the same, if you don’t see what you are looking for below, make sure to check out the 2017 Interactive Brand Guides as well as the 2017 Product Collection for the complete collection of products we are excited about this season.

Moss Snowstick 170 Swallowtail


The Moss Snowstick Swallowtail is here to change the swallow legacy. While the traditional swallowtail was designed as a powder board, the Moss Swallowtail was shaped to be an all mountain turning machine. The inserts are set forward slightly more than a traditional swallowtail, allowing the board to ride similar to a more traditional shape. When riding on groomers, one can press into the tail, causing the bend of the board to shrink the effective edge and quicken the arc of the turn. On the deeper days the tail acts as a traditional swallow and allows the nose of the board to float on top of the snow as the tail drops below. Seen here is the 170mm, perfect for all of the big boys out there as well as riders looking for a nimble take on an AK quiver filler. The Swallowtail also comes offered in a 26, for kids, 50, for lighter riders, 58, for average sized riders, and 62, for larger riders or people that like a stiffer faster board.

BUY NOW: $990

CAPiTA Horrorscope


Riders looking for a new board to step up their skills in the park and street, look no further than the CAPiTA Horrorscope. The Horrorscope is flat between the feet, with reverse camber in tip and tail leading out to CAPiTA’s flat kick tech, making this every rail riders perfect pressing companion. This year for 2017 the Horrorscope is outfitted with the new RFC Sustainable Select Core, as well as the Bitter End Deflection Tuning, making the already durable deck only lighter and more durable. Not only that but a reduced tip and tail decreases swing weight even further. Oh, and did we mention that the Horrorscope is CAPiTA’s all-time best selling board?

BUY NOW: $369.95

Launch ECO


If you had asked us last year, we would have told you that there is no denying climate change. However, in the past few months of alternative facts, it seems we may have taken a few steps backwards on the climate front. That being, said we all need to band together and be as eco-conscious as possible if we are going to create a world that continues to have snow and snowboarding. The ECO from Launch snowboards is made using primarily bamboo instead of wood in the core, sidecuts, and top sheet. Not only does the bamboo have a significantly lighter environmental footprint, but it is strong and light. Feel good about the environment while ripping the ECO this season.

BUY NOW: $650

Never Summer Swift


The Never Summer Swift is another all mountain board designed to excel not only in powder, but hardpack and variable conditions as well. The swift features the original Never Summer rocker camber profile centered under the feet, with early rise in the nose for increased lift in the deep. The addition of a long carbon X, the Vario Power Grip Sidecut, and a mid firm flex also allow the Swift to hold an edge and remain powerful on groomers or less than ideal conditions. Take your riding all over the mountain with this throwback inspired, tech-packed ripper.

Buy now: $599.99

Bataleon Goliath +


The Goliath + is the perfect board for the rider who wants a freestyle twin deck, packed with the power of an all mountain board. Featuring a traditional camber arc throughout, a stiff chassis for stability and a softer tip and tail, the Goliath + will plow through chunder, lock into presses, and pop over whatever obstacle lies in front of you. Aggresive freestyle riders, act now to get your Goliath +.

BUY NOW: $529.95


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