4DOORSDOWN: An unorthodox edit

What can you say about a video that opens with 3 Doors Down’s Superman and cuts to clips from Rocket Power? This unorthodox edit is the work of Malachi Gerard. Hopefully it entertains you as much as it did us.

Watch also: Krocadil on the loose: Blake Axelson Street Part

From Mobbin Wear:

Just a buncha doods having fun on their snowboards…

Filmed/Edited By- Malachi Gerard

The snowboarders in this video are-
Red Gerard
Brendan Gerard
Blake Axelson
Jack Kyle
Ezra Racine
Malachi Gerard
Kyle Hay
“Chedda” Dillon Smidt
Jacob Krugmire
Mike Liddle
Erik Leon
Thanks to all you dudes!

Additional clips from Paul Osborne!

Part2 is very possible


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