Ghosts Apparel Launches Kickstarter for Environmentally-Friendly Technical Outerwear

Ghosts Apparel launches radical environmentally-friendly high-performance technical outerwear using revolutionary waterless-dyeing technology.

Made for the extreme elements. 

Ghosts Apparel Studio has launched their Kickstarter of their environmentally-friendly technical outerwear collection, using a revolutionary waterless-dyed waterproof/breathable technical fabric made from recycled clothing. This technology helps fight climate change by reducing water usage by 75%, chemical emissions by 90%, energy use by 50% and CO2 emissions by 60% compared to traditional dyeing methods.

Fun fact: the textile industry uses 2.4 trillion gallons of water every year during the dyeing process, contaminating waterways and causing massive environmental impact, disease and deformity. Ghosts’ have eliminated the traditional practice of dyeing fabrics after weaving, by embedding colour in the raw material itself before it is extruded into a yarn. For more information, go to:

“15 years after starting Faction Skis, one of the most well-respected brands in the freeski industry, I realised that a bigger challenge was facing us—and that is climate change. I want to give passionate skiers and snowboarders the opportunity to choose products that suit their performance requirements whilst answering their demands for reduced environmental impact and greater social responsibility. Combatting water usage during dyeing is the next battle in the fight for increased sustainability, beyond the move towards using recycled yarns which is being adopted (too) slowly by the major players in the industry. We’re launching on Kickstarter so we can bypass the traditional distribution chain and go direct to the consumer, giving value for money and only making to order to reduce waste.”– Ghosts CEO/founder Tony McWilliam

Equal or better in performance than anything currently on the market, Ghosts debut collection consists of a highly-versatile, backcountry/freeride oriented 20,000mm/20,000gm rated three-layer shell jacket and pant and a lightweight 700-fill insulated mid-layer jacket using recycled down. It’s everything you need to stay warm and dry in the mountains no matter what the conditions. Only available on Kickstarter for a limited time in limited numbers:

With sustainability in mind through every aspect of the business, Ghosts have also manage to contain each stage of the supply chain to within 150km of each other – significantly reducing impact from shipping fabrics and raw materials between countries before manufacture – and have a lifetime repair/replace programme.


Ghosts Apparel Studio is a global network of action-sports industry professionals—designers, developers and fabric specialists—dedicated to creating the world’s most environmentally-friendly, high-performance technical outerwear and to leading the industry against climate change with a long term manifesto for social and environmental responsibility.


Ghosts Apparel Studio—Verbier • Denver • Seattle


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