Subaru Freeride Series results: Lazzareschi and Irwin take top honors at Big Sky Resort

Women's Podium: (L-R) Galen Bridgewater, Iris Lazzereschi, Camila Brown Women’s Podium: (L-R) Galen Bridgewater, Iris Lazzereschi, Camila Brown

BIG SKY, MONTANA (April 5, 2014)- The hopes of aspiring 2015 Freeride World Tour athletes hung on The Headwaters venue today at Big Sky Resort, Montana. The event marked the final stop of the 2014 Subaru Freeride Series (SFS) and Freeride World Qualifier (FWQ) season with athletes eager to earn valuable points necessary to advance to the sport’s elite competition level, the Freeride World Tour (FWT). Athletes from both the Europe and Americas regions were present representing the United States, Canada, France, Russia, Austria and Andorra.

Snow and low hanging clouds created visibility challenges throughout the day, but intermittent sun made competition possible on the steep face. Athletes received a combined score from two days of competition to determine the leaders. At the end of the day, Squaw Valley, CA locals Iris Lazzareschi and Andrew Irwin both took top honors in snowboarding. In the skiing competitions, 2014 Freeride World Tour rider Francesca-Pavillard Cain of Crested Butte, CO and Forrest Jillison of Jackson Hole, WY landed the top podium positions.

The webcast, which was originally scheduled to air live, had been delayed in an effort to make the competition as efficient as possible despite weather holds. A replay of the competition will be available for viewing Tuesday, April 8, 2014 at 1PM MDT on Both fans and athletes will be able to relive the event and watch their favorite riders at that time.

The competition began with women’s snowboarding. Iris Lazzareschi rode Jack Creek top to bottom fast and fluid pleasing the judges with her technique. She earned first place and a top combined score of 155.67.

In second place, Camilla Brown, who also won the 2-star event earlier in the week, placed second with a score of 150.33. Big Sky local Galen Bridgewater pleased the hometown crowd with a third place finish. Despite a few technical mishaps on the second competition day, her high day one score carried her to third place.

Men's Podium: (L-R) Jonathan Penfield, Andrew Irwin, Christopher Galvin Men’s Podium: (L-R) Jonathan Penfield, Andrew Irwin, Christopher Galvin

In men’s snowboarding, Andrew Irwin took the lead with a combined score of 166.00. Irwin rode down the looker’s left side to Hell’s Half Acre showing style and finesse. He finished his run with a high-speed straightline through the chute referred to as Nun’s.

“The highlighting moment of my run was the creamy face shot at the top of the hill,” said Irwin. “I felt my run was pretty conservative, but I chose a line where no one else would go. The next step for me in my freeride career is to hopefully get a wildcard into the FWT. If not, I plan on participating in the SFS again next year.”

Christopher Galvin landed second place by hitting three airs riding down Jack Creek and finishing with a backside 360. Galvin’s combined score was narrowly behind Irwin at 166.00. Jonathan Penfield was pleased with his third place finish and combined score of 157.00. His podium position, however, may have been overshadowed by the honor of the Sickbird for the snowboard category.

Subaru Freeride Series results:

Men’s Results:
1st – Jonathan Penfield
2nd – Andrew Irwin
3rd – Christopher Galvin

Women’s Results:
1st – Galen Bridgewater
2nd – Iris Lazzereschi
3rd – Camila Brown


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