Frontline Railjam 2012 – official video

Frontline Railjam 2012 presented by JUNKYARD.COM

Made by:
Erik Lindhe and Dennis Ylikangas

In Association With: Thirtytwo, Etnies, Monster energy, Airhole, Endeavor snowboards, Oakley, Method magazine

Eiki Helgason (Isl)
Halldor Helgason (Isl)
Gulli Gudmundson (Isl)
Denis Leontyev (Rus)
Marc Swoboda (Aut)
Zach Rawls (Usa)
Niko Cioffi (Usa)
Toni Kerkelä (Fin)
Anti Jussila (Fin)
Wojtek Pawlusiak (Pl)
Domenik Wagner (Aut)
Gerben Verweij (NL)
Cees Wille (NL)
Rachida Aoulad (NL)
Ethan Morgan (De)
Flo Corzelius (Aut)
Stepan Rokos (Czh)
Jonathan Lindhe (Swe)
Leo Crawford (Swe)
Caroline Degardh (Swe)
Felix Engström (Swe)
Jocke Rasmusen (Swe)
Anton Bilare (Swe)
Ludvig Lejkner (Swe)
Hans Åhlund (Swe)
Sebastian Landmark (Swe)
Nils Arvidsson (Swe)
Kareem El Rafie (Swe)
Erik Karlsson (Swe)
Nils Arvidsson (Swe)
Zebastian Landmark (Swe)


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