Strange Tapes Ep. 6

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Also see: Strange Tapes Ep. 2 | Strange Tapes Ep. 3Strange Tapes Ep. 3.5: ElmStrange Tapes Ep. 4: Yawgoo ValleyStrange Tapes Ep. 5 From Strange Brew via Vimeo: You don’t need a big dick to ball hard. Boarders: Big Sean Lung Woodrow Craig Cameron Felix Mobarg Pono Casey Pletz Riley Nickerson Jasper Bub Kailey Daly Shane Le Flare Taylor Carlton OG 1080 Brady Tony.0 Kung Fu Lou Crocodile Nial Egg Body Lady Blomquist Minnesota Paul Devin Allen Foster Andy LaTurnUp Collard Greens Matty Gesme Hunter Murph Kier Dillon New Kid Keeks We caught some inspiration from the Gremlinz, LTC, and Yawgoons. A big holler at you fools! Songs: ASAP Ferg – Shit Y Not Alice Deejay – Better Off Alone Schoolboy Q – Studio Film/Edit: Danny Kern