Mary T. Walsh

January 26, 2023

Pour Tous: Ojo Park Opens for the 2023 Season with Ojo Fest

At Ojo Park, something so special has been created: a snowboarding oasis in the middle of Montreal where everyone...

January 4, 2023

Watch: The Art of Building a Terrain Park with the Women of Take the Rake II

For the second year in a row, a group of terrain park staff from all over North America gathered...

December 31, 2022

Natural Selection Tour 2023 Update: NST Duels Breakdown from Travis Rice

On the last day of the year before 2023 officially gets underway, Travis Rice provided some insight on what...

December 30, 2022

“These glimmers of hope are so important, because it just shows that when you do care and when you do get involved, it can make a huge difference.”

Marie-France Roy talks Arbor's Legacy Forest, West Coast Triple Plank, Redd Fish Restoration Society, and more.

December 27, 2022

New Riders, New Format for Natural Selection 2023

Here we are, on the precipice of 2023 and a new year full of opportunities, aspirations, and the third...

December 22, 2022

Interview: Maddie Mastro on Mt. Hood, Wet Socks, and Getting Back in Her Snowboard Boots This Season

"I want doubles to stick around in women's snowboarding when I'm gone—and I also want to be the one...

December 16, 2022

From Koas to CORE: Erik Leon and His Core Collaboration with Arbor Snowboards

Last August, I headed to the Big Island of Hawaii with Erik Leon, Marie-France Roy, and a crew from...

December 13, 2022

Smith Colors Outside the Lines with Crayola Collab

Smith just released a collection with Crayola that includes goggles for kids and adults. Here’s the full press release...

December 7, 2022

What Does a Forest of Koa Trees in Hawai’i Have to Do with Snowboarding?

At the Root of It All: Arbor and the Hawaiian Legacy Forest.

December 6, 2022

Rude Girls x Snowboard Mag 2023 Board Test: Rome Muse

Responsive for steep laps and playful for the park.

December 4, 2022

Gear Up: Split Supplies

words: Mary T. Walsh photos: Mike Basher In order to enjoy the walk up as much as the ride...

December 1, 2022

Rude Girls x Snowboard 2023 Board Test: Salomon Abstract

One of the most anticipated new decks of 2023.

November 29, 2022

Rude Girls x Snowboard 2023 Board Test: Arbor Cadence

The 2023 Arbor Cadence Camber was a favorite at the Rude Girls x Snowboard Mag Board Test for its...

November 28, 2022

Wishbone: Madison Blackley’s 2022 Season Edit

“There was a 50/50 chance it would go well, but sometimes you gotta break a bone to get what...