Mia Brookes wins first X Games Gold Medal snowboarding womens slopestyle

Between a few pop-up ads for $90.00 sweaters on the YouTube livestream, we watched the women’s slope final from our couch go down in flat light and slightly slow conditions. It still didn’t stop the girls from putting down 10s in their first run, with Mia Brookes out of Great Britain sitting on top cracking into the 90s while the rest of the field sat with 80s and under. Mia Brookes and Kokomo Murase then battled with cab 12s on their second run (coming in at 97 and a 94 respectively) on the last jump in the course. Their battle became the main story of the day. Coming into the third and final runs, Riera Iwabuchi broke into the top three with a 92.00, bumping Anna Gasser’s 91 off the podium although she didn’t land her final 1080 as clean as she would like. Mia Brookes put down a cab 1440 on her third and final but the overall run wasn’t clean enough to top her 97.66 and Kokomo Murase couldn’t land her last run, allowing Mia Brookes to take a breath and walk away with gold. At 17 years old, she put down a full pull on all three of her runs and enjoyed her first-ever gold medal interview from DC at the bottom of the slope course. You can probably rewatch the full thing on youtube, but we also embedded her winning run at 1440 below that. Winning the first event she is in but with more to go, she might be set up for a multiple gold scenario in Aspen.

And since we watched this one from our couch, we don’t have any insider info for you right now. Shoutout to Kokomo Murase for going open jacket for the final in what looked more like a jacket you would see in town than on the hill. Hopefully Laurie Blouin and Miyabi Onitsuka are alright after taking pretty hard slams on their final runs and Tess Coady after a slam in practice that she posted about on the gram. Hailey Langland made a surprise appearance with her alternate number getting pulled for the final with a solid run one but was unable to follow it up on runs two and three. Zoi Sadowski-Synnott was at the bottom cheering the crew on sadly not being able to defend her gold from last year due to an injury at a Big Air contest earlier this month.