The standard movie premiere is a tried-and-true method for success. Get a venue, a large group of snowboarders, have some drinks and blow everyone’s mind with the latest movie on a big screen. They are always a good time. Lately, the premieres have been stepping it up though. Free tattoos were offered at one this year, and this past weekend, Never Summer and Breck Brew not only gave out tons of boards, beers, and product, but offered free tune-ups for anyone that needed it as the season kicked off. 

Over a decade in the making. p: Clavin

The Opening Day party hosted by the two companies, as well as a few other sponsors, is a product of the past decade of collaboration between the CO-based crews. It has birthed plenty of boards and artist collabs, a pretty tasty beer, and frankly, one of our favorite parties of the year… every year. Hanging out with friends and watching the newest movies never disappoints, but what takes the Opening Day party to a different level is the free service they provide to the local snowboarding community. No matter the brand on the bottom of the board, Never Summer preps it for the season. It is hard to tell if people are more hyped on the movies or just the fact that they know they are dialed for winter when the night is over. Last year the line wrapped around the entire party to drop their boards off, and this year was no different. 

Hosted at the Monkey Barrel in Denver, three new offerings were put on the big screen with two of them focusing on powder riding around CO and the headliner filmed in the streets by Sam Klein and crew. “Wild Game” will hit the internet sometime this month, but until then just take our word that Iris Pham and Emily O’Connor showed up and showed out last winter. Shoveling, filming, and riding all at the same time, we were lucky enough to spend some time with the small crew around the midwest this year as they put together the new project. The whole thing is in our latest print issue, which we were actually also handing out for free all night at the party as well. 

Thanks again to the Breck Brew crew for the hospitality! Congrats on all the winners that took home new gear. We will see you out on the mountain as the snow starts to fall!