Liam Brearley wins gold at X Games

Canadian rookie Liam Brearley keeps his dream month alive after winning LAAX gold last week with a gold in his first event at X Games in Knuckle Huck. Is this a the next Mark McMorris coming out of the North? Maybe closer to Marcus Kleveland? We will have to see how he does in slopestyle later this weekend. And let’s be real, silver and bronze don’t really matter in Knuckle Huck, but Zeb and Darcy ended up with those spots anyway.

Live ranking in a 20-minute jam made for some drama as Zeb Powell, Liam Brearley and Jake Canter battled out for the top spot. Winkelmann kicked it off with a massive back one and might have looked the smoothest overall, but he needed more rotation to keep up with the podium. Dylan Alito got his rebate from last year and took his foot out for a one-footer miller flip. Darcy Sharpe went vet on everyone and did just enough to stay on the podium in third. And somehow Jake Canter somehow ended up at the bottom. We would have loved to hear what Selema was saying but there seemed to be some audio problems, but hey, that is live TV! We are officially on the TV now after a midseason New York Rangers vs. Vegas Knights 5-2 game went over their time and delayed the start. Day 1 has had a ton of stuff already, and we still have the men’s halfpipe final. The commenters on YouTube were pretty pissed Zeb didn’t win, but he still probably walked away with the clip of the night landing blind and looking back at the camera for a good amount of time. You know the deal, watch the whole thing below if you want to scrub through. We are still chilling on the couch. Might grab some water and snacks before this halfpipe final.