Mt. Hood Closed

Timberline Closes For The Day Due To Heat Wave In Pacific Northwest

With excessive heat warnings being issued all over the Pacific Northwest, the famed summer getaway for snowboarding on Mt. Hood announced that it would not open Monday and is closing the park Tuesday, June 28, as well. Alongside the Palmer Glacier, Portland, OR reported record breaking temps two days in a row (112°f and 113°f), with Seattle also declaring their hottest day in history at 107°f.

The heat wave, referred to as a “heat dome”, is expected to linger around this week in the PNW with many towns in OR predicted to top out well over 100°f until Thursday.

From Timberline:
Dear Freestyle Customers- It has been a very challenging week to work on snow. We have never seen conditions this drastic on Palmer Snowfield. Last night we encountered another 70 degree night with 50mph hot east winds. This is causing rapid melting in all areas of the snowfield. In the terrain parks, the tremendous efforts of our park and grooming staff yesterday to set rails and shape features was all for naught. Rails will have to be completely reset again before opening and every feature reshaped.

It’s heartbreaking to deliver this message, but we cannot open the FTC parks tomorrow (Tuesday). Our goal at the moment is to have FTC parks open on Wednesday the 30th. Mile Public Park will open Tuesday with very limited terrain.

From the National Weather Service:

Excessive Heat Warning until MON 11:00 PM PDT
Issued By: Portland – OR, US, National Weather Service
Affected Area: All of the higher elevations of southwest Washington and northwest Oregon
WHAT…Dangerously hot temperatures of 95 to 105 likely.
WHERE…All of the higher elevations of southwest Washington and northwest Oregon.
WHEN…Until 11 PM PDT this evening.
IMPACTS…Extreme heat will significantly increase the potential for heat related illnesses, particularly for those working or participating in outdoor activities.

Check Timberline’s Instagram for more updates.


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