Thirteen-Time Award-Winning Film Now Available in Honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s National History Month

Directed by Anne-Flore Marxer, the film « a land shaped by women » is empowering women and bringing a feminine narrative to the outdoor space by bringing gender equality to the front of the debate.

“We wanted to bask in the positive vibes of the Icelandic women’s movement and inspire to embrace a new mindset to a different kind of adventure!” says, Anne-Flore of the awarding-winning film.

As professional snowboarders who’ve fought hard for gender parity in a male-dominated sport throughout their careers, Anne-Flore Marxer and Aline Bock wanted to dig deeper into Icelandic women’s mindset while combining it with their love for the mountains and the waves.

Check out the trailer above. Access to the full film here.

 Read on for the full release: « a land shaped by women ».

a Land Shaped by Women. <3 Photo: Eleonora Raggi

New York City, N.Y. (March 5, 2019)“A Land Shaped by Women” is an inspirational film documenting the unique journey of world champion snowboarders Anne-Flore Marxer and Aline Bock, who leave their life of competition to explore Iceland, a country ranked first in gender equality by the United Nations for nine years in a row. Directed by Marxer in her directing debut, “A Land Shaped by Women” has been recognized 13 times by film festivals around the globe for its powerful yet positive message about gender equality and is available on demand here beginning today.

The film follows Marxer and Bock as they travel Iceland by van and explore the country through their beloved adventure sports, snowboarding and surfing, respectively. As their travels unfold, the duo experience breathtaking mountain terrain, waves and the famous Northern Lights, where viewers are introduced to iconic and influential Icelandic women they meet along the way.

Anne-Flore Marxer. Photo: Eleonora Raggi

For Marxer, this was especially poignant, as she has spent the last 15 years unapologetically fighting for equal opportunities and gender parity in a male-dominated snowboarding industry, which has ultimately resulted in equal prize money in freestyle competitions and has brought women back on the Freeride World Tour.

Photo: Eleonora Raggi

“I grew tired of constantly having to fight and justify being a woman in snowboarding and was in need of inspiration and strength. So, the day after winning the biggest competition of the season, I decided to go to Iceland as I heard it was on the forefront of gender equality – I wanted to see it for myself,” said Anne-Flore Marxer. “It is so exciting to see the emotions this film has evoked all over the world in not only women but men as well. I love that it brings a feminine narrative to the outdoor practice, and encourages all of us to be part of creating the world we want to live in.”

Photo: Nick Pumphrey

Along the journey, Marxer interviews several women who take a strong stance on the female spirit, not asking politely but cementing gender equality as the norm that should have been a long time ago, including Katrin Oddsdottir (human rights attorney who took part in writing Iceland’s new constitution), Heida Birgisdóttir (Nikita clothing founder, Iceland’s first ever surfer and one of the first snowboarders), Vilborg Arna Gissurardóttir (explorer, the first Icelander to reach the summit of Mount Everest), Cristina Cretu and Elísabet Rut Rúnarsdóttir (young Icelandic, high school students) and Una Torfadottir (poet, activist).

AFM. Photo: Nick Pumphrey

The film is sponsored by Sunlight, Vaude, Thule, Alpina, Blue Tomato and Thermopad and is available via iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Xbox, FandangoNow, Playstation, Vimeo on Demand and VUDU.

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