To date, Kimmy Fasani has accomplished a lot. Celebrated video parts, Rider of the Year, Video Part of the Year, the first double backflip by a female in both park and powder, helping other women establish themselves in the backcountry through AmusementMTN–and that’s far from a complete list. She is a mother to two young boys, a wife to professional skier Chris Benchetler, an entrepreneur, and author, a Burton team rider with her own signature AK gear, an ambassador for POW and B4BC, and most recently, the director of storytelling for &Mother, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women thrive in both career and motherhood. Overall, she’s a vocal leader in the snowboarding community who, without fail, brings up those around her to share in opportunity, success, and growth. In the first episode of the fourth edition of Absinthe Films’ Microdose, get to know Kimmy and beginning her snowboarding story.