Adventuremobile: Sidetracked with Leanne Pelosi by Full Moon

Campers rule. In professional snowboarding, having the mobility to follow the snow around is essential and Leanne Pelosi has a setup that’s all-time. Sharing it with DWD frontman Jeff Keenan and dog Keita, their Bigfoot camper promotes a life outdoors. It simplifies everything. Less space, less things, and a stronger connection to the natural world.

Leanne caps off the Sidetracked series that featured Jamie Anderson, Hana Beaman, Robin Van Gyn and all the ladies of Full Moon Film.

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About Sidetracked from Full Moon Film:

Sidetracked is a 7-part web series based on each Full Moon rider’s passion besides snowboarding that compliments their outdoor lifestyle. Hana Beaman continues the series with her passion for interior design. Come back to every Tuesday for a new episode of Sidetracked.


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