Airblaster Presents: “March” – Official Trailer

If there is one thing Airblaster is known for, it’s having fun. From neon colorways to leg bags and Ninja Suits, everything Airblaster does is charged with a youthful exuberance to enjoy the experience in front of them. In fact, this history of 100%-full-throttle-fun can even be traced back to their early brand name brainstorming sessions in a Portland, Oregon basement. Because after all, what is an Airblaster? Is it someone catching air? A trick? A fart? Maybe all of the above, or maybe not. Either way, it’s definitely fun.

This past spring, Airblaster continued their mission for endless enjoyment when they embarked on their fourth month-long film project, this time aptly titled, “March.” However, in their 15th year, Airblaster took on much more than just filming a snowboard movie in a month. For Airblaster’s “March,” the crew set off on a journey to trace Airblaster’s brand roots back to the very beginning, the place where founders Travis Parker and Jesse Grandkoski grew up and discovered snowboarding, the ultimate birthplace of Airblaster; Whitefish, Montana.

So strap yourselves in, to your desk, couch, or phone, and get ready to experience the first-ever look at Airblaster’s new film, “March.” We will be releasing the first chapter of the film right here on October 16th, so be sure to check back frequently for all things Airblaster, and most importantly, all things fun.

Continue below for more information on premiere dates in a city near you.

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– Portland: September 28th
– Denver: October 3rd
– SLC: October 14th
– Tahoe: October 20th
– New York: TBA
– Seattle: TBA
– Whitefish: TBA

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