Airblaster x GNU: The Unreal Collaboration

Introducing the GNU x Airblaster Super Progressive Air Machine.

Since their onset, Airblaster and GNU have taken a full-throttle approach to guaranteeing the most fun on a snowboard possible for all. From fun colors to fun shapes and innovative tech-forward designs, their dedication to producing quality products that reflect their attitude has been relentless. Now for the 2017/18 season, both brands have banded together to create a collaboration series that champions this message in one cohesive set of radical goods.

Dive in here for the full story behind the collaboration and your first look at both the gear and the brands that made it happen. We’ve ridden the board and worn the gear, and report with confidence that this is one collaboration that is not to be passed on this season.


Shop Airblaster x GNU collaboration outerwear here

Shop GNU Super Progressive Air Machine board here

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Airblaster x GNU: The Unreal Collaboration

Like the Liger, Labradoodle, and Zonkey, the Super Progressive Air Machine is a hybrid beast born of the cross-pollination of two wild things, Airblaster x GNU. Imagine a Pterodactyl mating with a Wildebeest. Imagine it. There, now you can understand the feeling that you’ll get every time you step onto the Super Progressive Air Machine. Like every good Gnu, it comes equipped with unreal pop, a powerful build, and the natural ability to frolic playfully or thoroughly smash unruly terrain. And like every good pterodactyl, its unique shape lends its effortless ability to float as well as airborne agility unmatched in its class. If you like effortlessly floating through powder, smashing unruly terrain, and blasting into the air, this hybrid beast is for you.


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