Life as a professional snowboarder can be completely consuming. Between traveling for snow conditions, filming video parts, contest tours, and the constant pull of the mountains, travel hours add up and the natural balance of life is skewed. For many, this relentless grind of constantly traveling, competing and filming, will ultimately push a rider from the circuit, and towards a career in the mountains. For Antti, this transition occurred nearly a decade ago at the peak of his competitive career. However, when Antti shifted his focus from the halfpipe to the backcountry, he did so entirely and his obsession remained as consuming of a force as ever.

This past season for his seventh film project, Antti again made a shift in his career, cut back on travel, and focused his energy on filming closer to home and his friends and family. Arctic Lights is a documentary that follows Antti through the mountains of Lapland, and around his home in the arctic circle as he searches for balance in his life and snowboarding.

Make sure to check back on November 8th for the release of the first Arctic Lights webisode.

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Professional snowboarder Antti Autti is dependent on snowboarding. For Antti, it is a passion, but for his closest ones, it is an obsession. He has been chasing snow and mountains at the expense of everything else. But when does an absolute dedication for one thing start to take a toll on other important things in life? To figure this out, Antti decides to spend the whole season closer to home in Lapland and see if he can discover balance in life.

Arctic Lights movie follows Autti´s season in the mountains and fells of the North and ponders if it is possible for a professional athlete to find a balance between career and home.

Arctic Lights will be released December 2017

Directed by: Teemu Lahtinen & Matti Ollila – Kota Collective
Principal cinematography:
Matti Ollila, Teemu Lahtinen, Iisakki Kennilä
Edited by: Matti Ollila, Teemu Lahtinen
Produced by: Antti Autti , Ilmo NIittymäki, Hypement
Principal photography: Jani Kärppä, Rami Hanafi, Harri Tarvainen