Arbor Snowboards presents: Cosa Nostra – Mark Carter Full Part

You can’t get much more Jackson, Wyoming than Mark Carter. The man bleeds the place, and who can blame him? After an epic snow year that even shut the town down for a number of days, Mark decided to take a break from traveling and logged the majority of his part in his own backyard. Again, who can blame him? Saddle up for some serious big mountain riding and watch his full part now before continuing below for more words and photos from Arbor Snowboards.

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All photography by Sean Black.

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Mark Carter puts another heavy hitting season under his belt with his latest full part from Arbor Snowboards’ team video, ‘Cosa Nostra’. When the weather pattern holds and Mother Nature delivers the goods in your backyard, it doesn’t make much sense to leave town. That’s exactly what happened last season in Jackson, WY, where easy access to some of the steepest and most technical terrain in North America kept Mark busy all season without having to sacrifice the comforts of home.


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