A seemingly-celestial edit mixing snowboarding and light with Spencer O’Brien as the focal point, Arc’teryx drops their latest project with Leo Hoorn behind the camera titled AETHER 5. Balancing O’Brien’s powerful freeriding alongside cuts of deep turns and the most delicate light we have seen in a snowboard project this year is a solid change of pace from the street-heavy offerings across the internet.

“Aether is a really creative and different project for me. A lot of turning again, but it turned out beautiful. Leo is so talented, it was fun to help him bring his vision to life and cool for me to work on something so different.” – Spencer O’Brien

If this is what Arc’teryx plans on pushing forward as they make big strides in the snowboarding world, we back it. Keep an eye out for more projects dropping soon under the brand’s film moniker as well as chances to ride with the athletes at the Arc’teryx Academy!

ÆTHER 5 is a short visual journey of self-discovery featuring the snowboarding of Spencer O’Brien. Allowing her mind to tune into the pace of the world around her, she blurs the line between reality and the ethereal. It is an exploration of the ancient concept of æther, the fifth element. The space between matter – a place where light stands still. As a tribute to this theme, every frame on screen was captured directly in-camera, unaltered.