Arctic Lights: Antti Autti’s Endless Playground

Everyone has their own way of escaping from the day-to-day and finding peace within themselves. For Antti Autti, that peace is found in the woods with his snowboard.

In the first websiode of Antti’s new documentary series, Arctic Lights, we follow Antti and Keisuke Yoshida into the endless playground of the forests around where they grew up. Tag along with the duo from the mountains of Finland, to the slopes of Norway and Japan, as they chase the freedom that only comes from blasting through bottomless turns in the trees.

“For us Finns forest is a place we go to play, explore, meditate, just enjoy the nature. When I’m strapped into a board forest turns to an endless playground that I can always find new lines to ride, new spots to jump off and it always packs a ton of surprises, so I have to be on my toes the whole time. It’s so much fun!” – Antti Autti

Make sure to keep an eye out for the second webisode dropping right here on November 23rd.

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More from Antti Autti:

70% of Finland is covered by forests and every Finnish person has a very special relationship with them, they are a place of meditation and it almost feels like forests are part of the DNA of Finns.

In Japan, forests are considered holy. A home of the spirits that are sometimes out of bounds for a man to enter. With respect and courtesy, the gates can be opened and you can experience some of the best snow in the world.

Antti Autti and Keisuke Yoshida are from opposite sides of the world and from very distant cultures, but they have more in common than you might think first. Both are born and bread in their respective northern territories, Antti from Lapland and Keisuke from Hokkaido. Both of them have been snowboarding most of their lives and enjoy immensely the thrill of riding in the forest. It is almost like their home, a place where they feel most relaxed, calm and content. This edit is all about opening the doors and sharing their home’s with a like-minded soul and shred the trees around Arctic Circle and the wilderness of Hokkaido, Japan.

Snowboarders: Antti Autti, Keisuke Yoshida
Filmed by: Iisakki Kennila, Teemu Lahtinen & Matti Ollila / Kota Collective
Edit by: Iisakki Kennila

Pyhä – Luosto National Park, Finland
Tamokdalen, Norway
Daisetsuzan National Park, Japan

Music by:
Royal Nature – Fissure (Instrumental)
A Life In A Day – Metamorphosis
Delta Spirit – Empty House


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