Bachelor Party 2017 Chapter 1: Chasing Clouds

This season has been nothing short of a non-stop party up at Mt. Bachelor. Not only has the addition of the new Cloudchaser lift opened the resort up to 360 degrees of rideable terrain, but Mother Nature has been exceedingly generous, dumping over 300 inches so far this season at mid-mountain and raising the snow-depth total at the base to a staggering 100+ inches. What’s more, lines have been non-existent, leaving locals to enjoy the abundant powder fields days after storms have cleared. Now is the time to book your next trip, because there is no end in sight for this party.

Featuring riding in order of appearance from Randal Seaton, Jonny Sischo, Stratton Matteson, Teddy Shine, Will Dennis, Jared Elston, Willis Grigsby, Justin Norman, and Destry Serna.

Filmed and edited by, JP Schlick

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For this first chapter, we explored all that Cloudchaser, Mt. Bachelor’s newest lift that services a vast amount of new terrain, has to offer. We have been lucky with all the recent snowfall to be able to test the limits of what is possible on this new terrain. While this edit was filmed all over the mountain, the hallmark runs so far this season have been from Summit Chair to Cloudchaser, an incredibly long and diverse lap that holds new, untapped cornice lines, windlips, and pillow drops.

The final feature hit in this first chapter is a gap that is right next to Cloudchaser and was roughly 50ft to the knuckle with a pretty gnarly in-run that requires regular footers to be on their heels practically to the takeoff. We tentatively named the gap Darrell’s gap due to the fact that its proximity to the lift attracts many a Joey, Darrell, and Sherell. Stratton Matteson was the first to make it over the gap on his feet followed by Destry Serna who put down the fs1.
This season has been killer, so much snow that we have at times posed the question–is this too much snow? The answer is never yes, there is always something to be had…


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