Benny Milam Gives the People What They Want

Benny Milam just dropped five minutes of footage deftly woven into a part by filmer and editor Dan Tyler. By all accounts, with the non-stop barrage of hammers, Benny’s already in the running for Video Part of the Year for next year. This is the stuff we want to see: Benny’s technical prowess combined with his effortless style. Big thanks to Christine Milam, who graciously released her son’s part on her Youtube channel.

From Benny:
Hey mom, Thanks for letting me use your YouTube account to post my cool snowboard video. Me and my friend Dan worked very hard on this so I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Filmed by Dan Tyler @danpanaway “The @juiccyjokerr Filmed my ender” Additional Filming by Ryan Finder, Colton Morgan and Moe Jennings

also featuring Drayden Gardner @ill_usive Big

Thank you to Seth Huot, Erich Dummer, Mark Dangler, Preston Strout, Riley Goodwin, Kaelin Kassidy, Marsha Hovey, Trollhaugen, The Troll, Stephen Jende, Dan Tyler, Garrett Mckenzie, Ryan Finder, Volcom, Redbull, CrabGrab, Capita, Union Binding Co. and all the homies who have helped along the way. You know who you are. Oh, and most importantly, Thanks Mom for letting me use your Youtube 🙂


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