Better Late Than Never – Christine Savage Full Part

Over the past few years, Christine Savage has been honing her eye for creative, unconventional street spots and collecting clips for movies like Strange Brew’s most recent release, I Love You, Say It Back, as well as The Uninvited trilogy. Her penchant for the unique has risen to a crescendo in her latest full part, filmed during the 2021 season. “But it’s 2022,” you say. Well, being a bit late for things may be something Savage is known for, but does it even matter? Sometimes things show up on my Instagram feed that happened weeks ago and isn’t the infinite scroll how we figure out the passing of time nowadays? Maybe you use TikTok if you’re under 27. I don’t know. Time is a construct anyway, right? Regardless, this part is full of creative boarding that’s fun to watch. So click play and enjoy this tried-and-true-East Coaster-turned-Tahoe-local’s take on spots from California, Minnesota, Idaho, and beyond.

From Christine:
Like most things in life, I was late for this part. Late in filming it (at 36) and then late getting it edited and released (when the following season was coming to an end). But, better late than never, right? Thanks to everyone that held a camera, shoveled, or clicked play on this link to watch it. Appreciate you all!

Filmed by Shannon Evans, Dan Callahan, Ari Morrone, Savannah Golden, Nial Romanek, Cooper Davidson, and Gabe Marzillier. Edited by Danny Kern.


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