We’re really trying to limit the astronomy puns in this description for the new movie from intrepid boarders Bode Merrill and Nils Mindnich, but with such stellar campy animation in the teaser, Space Cadet is [editor’s note: sorry] already looking out of this world. Leave it to Nils and Bode to create the perfect balance of serious boarding while not taking things too seriously. This one is going to to be really good–nothing less than we’d expect from these two as they aim for the stars and deftly land in the cosmos.* [editor’s note: We tried. Please appreciate that we avoided using the following phrases: “to the moon”, “Buzz and Neil”, “rocket”, “black hole”, “Russian Space Station”, “interstellar”, “galactic”, “astrophile”, and “Uranus”.]

*credit to Bode Merrill