Breaking News: Fingers, Boards, and Zeb Powell in the New SPOTHEADS 2

It isn’t a good bail edit unless something is breaking, and by the looks of it, Joey Leon and Zeb Powell broke plenty of shit this winter… Honestly, bail edits should be mandatory for anyone that claims they can hit a spot that the pros hit. It is basically a view into the future for anyone attempting (or just claiming) anything on a triple kink in the streets without being able to ride switch at the local hill. But back to the reason we are here: 

Vermont-based, internationally loved. SPOTHEADS IS BACK WITH SPOTHEADS 2! Featuring Joey Leon, Zeb Powell, George McKeever-Parkes, and Jake Fournier. Complete with the bail teaser above, and a premiere on November 13 at Burton Snowboards in Burlington, VT. Keep an eye out for the full project dropping in December online. 


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