Camp of Champions Session A video, 2016

For countless professional snowboarders from around the globe, taking turns on the hallowed snow at Camp of Champions is a rite of passage. Nearly thirty years of Canadian pioneer Ken Achenbach’s life have been dedicated to fostering an ever-growing community of passionate snowboarders, and summer 2016 is no different. The camp’s home on Whistler’s glacier saw the exceptional talent of the Yawgoons’ Marcus and Mary Rand, as well as Brian Skorupski, The Manboys, Mark and Craig McMorris, and many more rode alongside the campers to show them some of the best things that snowboarding has to offer.

Though now down to two summer sessions, a new snowmaking facility on the glacier is allowing Camp of Champions to create and maintain one of the most impressive terrain parks in the northern hemisphere’s summer months. Quality and quantity, we like that.

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Camp of Champions snowboard camp

White space. Marcus Rand, backside 180. | Photo: Ashley Rosemeyer

Featuring Brodey Wolfe, Ben Poechman, David Joncas, Brin Alexander, Mikey Ciccarrelli, Tyler Nicholson, Max Eberhardt, Chris DePaula, Darrah Reid-MacLean, Maria Thomsen, Kiersten Higginson, Nick Elliott, Lucas Ouellette, TJ Koskela, Mary Rand, Nic Heringa, Mark Goodall, Kody Williams, Adam Franks, Colter Heard, Lucio Majer, Tommy Van, Scot Brown, Kevin Sansalone, Marcus Rand, Kai Ujejski, Coulton Conway, Martyn Vachon and Jesse Paul.

Edited by: Alex Bielawski

Filmed by: Seb Judge, Alex Bielawski


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