Part film, part photo book, CHROMA stands alone in direction out of this years (and any years) offerings of snowboard movies. A different take on the usual season recap project, director Alexander Tank (Narcis) cuts together beautiful quiet moments with huge slashes, snow rollers, an old man, Silvano Zeiter’s photography, and a more classic full part from Severin van der Meer towards the end. An incredible project! Featuring Severin van der Meer, Lars Popp, James Niederberger, Christian Haller, Gabrielle Torriani, Nicolas Wolken, Lucas Baume, David Djité, and Arthur Longo. 

From the HILLTON team:
Our reality is a dance between delusion and truth. Where does the dream stop and the memory start?
An experimental short film featuring the snowboarding of Severin van der Meer and friends.

Old Man: Kurt Herzog
Additional Camera: Jake Price, Olivier Gittler, Alexander Tank