WYPY stands for Wyoming Pythons. What the Wyoming Pythons stand for is the snowboarding that happens when you haul ass with a half dozen others, looking for pieces of transition and neglecting to worry about what lies on the other side.

The WYPY are like many other crews, except they’re based in Jackson and have WRKSHRT to produce their films. Their riding is inherently elevated by their geography and their lensmen capture it in a fashion not found elsewhere in snowboarding.

This film is the intersection of quality riding, attainability and production value yet to be reached by others, and the WYPY aren’t waiting for anyone to catch up.

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A snowboarding documentary following a group of riders as they explore the state that they grew up in — Wyoming. Close to Home is about the people they meet and the hills that surround them.

“It’s blues music, it’s country, it’s punk rock. Anybody can pick up a guitar and go do it. Anybody can hit up their friends and be like, ‘Let’s go just a couple hundred miles away’. You know? We don’t have to go overseas or anything, but let’s just use our snowboards as an excuse to go see some shit and to go have an experience, and keep it simple. And that’s kinda like what this whole trip was about for me.”
-Willie McMillon