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Coal Presents: United Slopes – Season 2

Roadtripping around the United States with a group of friends and riding every mountain the country has to offer would be a dream come true for many. For Desiree, that dream has been a reality for the last two seasons. What began as a passion project and way to reconnect with snowboarding and herself, soon developed into an all-inclusive exploration of the vast terrain, snow qualities, and isolated mountain town cultures that make up the United States. For the second season of United Slopes, Desiree partnered with Coal Headwear and rallied a group of friends to help her bring the dream to life. Sit back and be inspired, we would be lying if we told you we weren’t secretly planning our own road trip at this very moment.

coal-snowboardmag-2017-united-slopes Desiree and Nirvana Ortanez enjoying the ride. Photo: Amanda Hankison

“Season 2 of United Slopes began in mid-January. For the second winter in a row, we packed our lives into the camper and headed East on I-84. Our destination: Salt Lake City, Utah. The weather forecast was hard to believe, 12 inches the first day, 18 inches overnight, and then 13 more the following day. Our fingers had been crossed for good conditions, but this was better than that, this was incredible. Utah’s reputation of “The Greatest Snow on Earth” was ringing true and we were ready. Our first stop, Brighton Resort, was calling.

For this expedition into untracked powder, Marc O’Malley, Nirvana Ortanez, and Jill Perkins joined me (Desiree Melancon). We hit the road in search of perfect Rocky Mountain turns and a perspective as fresh as the snow before us. Along the way we found endless laughs, new friends, and unforeseen adventure.” – Desiree Melancon

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