Dr. Smooth: Freeriding with Temple Cummins and Wes Makepeace from Gnu Snowboards

Yes, this is not necessarily high level snowboarding and yes, there are many people that can ride like this but these two factors are also what makes this edit of Temple Cummins and Wes Makepeace great. The average rider can relate to this and say, “I could probably do that, it looks like fun.” At the end of the day, our job is to share videos, stories, and interviews that get us and you stoked to go snowboarding, which is the reason we posted this. Temple and Wes are also a couple of the raddest dudes in the Pacific Northwest.

There are no double corks, no death gaps, just straight airs and powder turns. And that’s what gets us excited about strapping in.

Watch also: JAMIE LYNN & the art of living, a short documentary by Snowboard Magazine

From Gnu Snowboards via Vimeo:

Temple Cummins isn’t much for going out and ‘getting the shot’. He’d rather just ride. Here’s some clips that have come together in-between his free riding. Watch closely as this mountain surgeon operates.

Guest appearance by the one and only Wes Makepeace.

Music –
Live in Stannyland
From the back of a U-haul


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