Eldora Trick Ditch 2019 – Results + Gallery

Not your typical Banked Slalom, the third annual Trick Ditch presented by Ten Barrel took over Eldora Mountain outside of Nederland, Colorado last weekend. It was equal parts speed, style, and overall fun.

The course. Photo: Tomas Cohen

The course, which was built by Eldora’s Park Crew, consisted of a series of sweeping banked turns to the finish line.

Racers were given two chances to snake their way down the course and the total of their two timed runs made up their score.

Stay low, be powerful. Photo: Tomas Cohen

The name of the game was staying low and powerful, and having superior edge control.

For the elite division, Benji Farrow came out swinging and took the win for the men. Taylor Gold and Davis Johnson rounded out the podium and claimed second and third respectively.

Arielle looking for that big W. Photo: Tom Winter

On the women’s side of things, Arielle Gold was the fastest of the day and took the win. Laura Hadar nabbed second and Elizabeth Beerman claimed third.

Coming in hot! Photo:Tomas  Cohen

Following the race, there was a style contest that was held in a jam format. Riders were given as many runs as they could muster on the ‘Eldora Anvi’l jump section.

The style contest went off. Photo: Tom Winter

Check out the full recap video courtesy of 10 Barrel above and see the full results below.

Congrats to all!

Men’s Elite 

1. Benji Farrow

2. Taylor  Gold

3. Davis   Johnson

4. Chase Blackwell

5. Everett McEwan

6. Chris Waker

7. Benjami Berberich

8. Tyler Emond

9. Ian Boll

10.Cooper  Branham

Women’s Elite

1. Arielle Gold

2. Laura Hadar

3. Elizabeth Beerman

4. Darien Giedd

5. Erin Nemec

6. Macaren Caballero

7. Noelle Edwards

8. Kirsten Lima

9. Anna Valentine

10. Sandra Hillen

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